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Fiscal Responsibility

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National Security

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Individual Liberty

“This campaign is about getting a congressman who will show up for work, who will focus on results—not rhetoric.”

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Sandy Roberson

Will Bring Much-Needed
Leadership to Washington

Rocky Mount, NC

Business Experience

Sandy has spent nearly 40 years in the business world. He’s made a career of getting things done, delivering results, meeting budgets, and holding others accountable. Now, he’ll do those same things for us in D.C.

Conservative Values

Sandy will prioritize fiscal responsibility, defend our Second Amendment rights, and protect the sanctity of life. He will ensure the needs of American citizens always come first and empower law enforcement to do their job.

Washington D.C. Capitol

Common-Sense Solutions

Sandy will lean on his business and mayoral experience to deliver solutions to our nation’s problems. He will not support another new program and instead focus on fixing the services we already provide.


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